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Why Choose Copperhead’s Concave System?

Our 90 degree notch restricts grain flow promoting ease of threshing, like a small or large wire would.  Some models have a more open, laid back notch, which compared to Copperhead’s – It basically comes worn out!  Without a notch, you are counting on grain to rub against a smooth, flat surface for threshing, which causes more pressure to be necessary from higher rotor speed or a more closed concave area.  This will inevitably cause grain damage.

In these concaves the cover plates are designed with a bunch of small holes in them, which are supposed to allow grain to fall through.  In reality, these small holes plug full of chaff, and so the entire section is closed off.  The Copperhead covers have large holes in them that will not plug.  This means you can unload grain when you want to!

On that note the Copperhead Covers have holes in specific locations, so that they load the cleaning system of the combine more efficiently. No other concave or cover plate on the market does this! This is a HUGE factor in maximizing overall capacity of the machine.

Most other systems major flaw is limiting capacity by not having enough of an opening when we are ready to unload grain.

There is another model available with a system that will reliably work in corn and even for a soybean, they are just not open enough to unload efficiently.  Using our large spacing between the bars, we unload as soon as the grain is threshed.  This leads to high quality grain and unmatched capacity.  They also have absolutely no answer for unloading to balance the cleaning system effectively, so they throw the grain to one side of the machine or the other, like the OEM systems, which limits the effectiveness of the entire system!  Our covers really make a huge difference in how the machine can operate.