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Fertilizer Application

Maximize Yield Potential
Fertilizer can give you the ability to produce healthy, strong, uniform stands and increase yield. When fertilizer is not properly placed, however, that potential is destroyed and fertilizer may simply be washed away. Such waste costs growers and negatively impacts yields. Why take that risk? Ensure that you reach your maximum yield potential with the latest in fertilizer application equipment from Yetter.

Get True Placement
True precision nutrient placement equipment lets you hit the root zone regardless of tillage practice and application timing—strip-till, min-row banding, side-dressing, or pre- or post-emergence. Yetter fertilizer application equipment delivers precision placement time and time again, positioning fertilizer below the soil surface where it can nourish plants from the roots. Placing nutrients just to the side and slightly below the seed put them on-target to intercept emerging roots. When roots hit that zone, there is a growth explosion. As more roots develop, they also encounter the fertilizer for ongoing boost during critical growth stages.

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