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Planter Hitch

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About Schnell Industries

In 1978, fresh out of high school, Fred, owner of Schnell got a job at an oil drilling rig/manufacturing company that built and rebuilt oil equipment that was sold worldwide. In 1981, he made the move to mid-western Canada where he worked at multiple companies producing equipment ranging from commercial boats to highway trailers and agricultural equipment. In 1994, he rented a 600 sq ft. bay in the village of Plum Coulee, Manitoba where he started his business. He built and repaired equipment mainly serving the farming community. In 1997, his business had out grown the space and moved into a 2400 square ft. shop, just a block away from our original location.

“I never shied away from challenges and opportunities.” This led us to developing various custom ad-ons for harvesting equipment, including the planter hitch. The Planter Hitch is a cost effective hitch conversion from a 2-point hitch mount to the draw bar.

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