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About RRV Canola Disk

Our disk is a 90 cell plastic disk with a mechanical knock-out wheel. The disk uses vacuum to suck the seed to it, then it rotates and drops the seed down a seed tube into the ground. The knock-out wheel rolls on the suction side of the disk to poke out any stuck canola and sesame seeds or debris that may get caught in the holes. It’s similar to John Deere’s sugar beet or sorghum disk and knock-out.
Since our disk has 90 cells on it, it turns much slower than the John Deere sugar beet or sorghum disks which only have 45 cells. With the high seeding rates of canola or sesame, this allows to keep tractor ground speed up from John Deere’s recommended speed of 3 mph to 5 mph.
When compared to competitors knock-out system, which uses a small tapping mechanism that wears the disk out quickly, our rolling wheel will add extra hours of use before parts need replacing.

Crop Benefits

Higher Yields, Less Seed
With the precision of using the RRV Seed Metering Disk you’re able to grow higher quality stands while reducing the amount of seed per acre.

Consistent Spacing
With consistent gaps between plants it provides the opportunity for the stand to be straighter and stronger which also increases ease of swathing.

Even Germination
RRV Seed Metering Disk planting provides consistent germination which makes it easier to decide when to apply chemical and when to harvest.

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